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valet parking attendant resume

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Nine fruits, i should add, that my stomach was wholly untested. This may be more fruit than ive eaten total in the last six months. I had visions of a dramatic night spent in el baño and the next day having Fernando Botero erect a sculpture of my stomach in remembrance. The fruits kept coming, relentlessly. We ate the lulo, an orange-like orb that is said to have narcotic properties. We ate the chontaduro with honey and salt. It had a chestnutty texture and is said to be an aphrodisiac.

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This time i made a point of introducing myself to the others waiting for our guide there was a couple from Great Britain, two canadians from Calgary and Montreal, and a swede wearing some sort of hemp parachute pants that made him look like mc business Hammarskjöld. Our guide was juana, a perky. Paisa who had spent 14 years in Europe and was the only person among our tour group whose English I could actually understand. She distributed taste spoons to each of us and explained the rules of the day: no blocking the aisles, no getting run over by carts, no five-second rule if you drop a fruit. We plunged into the farmers market, which was a whirlwind of activity vendors shouting, shoppers arguing, laborers pushing overladen carts and one dorky swede in balloon pants carrying a tiny spoon. We stopped at a stall and had our first fruit of the tour, the guayaba. It was mildly sweet and pleasant. Juana explained that the guayaba has properties that aid with digestion, and added its not a coincidence that this is the first fruit on the tour. I had been assuming that we would maybe try one spoonful of each fruit, a dainty taste before moving on to the next. But no, juana handed each of us an entire half fruit to dig into. I did the math and realized that eating half each of the 18 or so fruits promised on the tour meant that I was about to consume the equivalent of nine entire fruits in the next two hours.

They remain some of the write most happy, friendly and upbeat people in the world. i was very excited for my next adventure the Exotic Fruit tour. Due to colombias mix of equatorial, coastal and mountainous terrain, this country has some of the highest biodiversity in the world and is home to dozens of native fruits that are little-known in the rest of the world. Ive always stuck to the party line of apples, grapes and bananas, so i was both intrigued and a little scared of the tour. I am not known for my wildly adventurous tastebuds. My tastebuds are more like your Grandma helen who lives in Ames, iowa, and thinks a day trip to des moines is living on the edge. I met the tour at Plaza minorista, a giant indoor farmers market a few metro stops from my apartment.

valet parking attendant resume

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Plaza botero features of a dozen of his works in a large open square filled with pedestrians and vendors, shadowed by the resume Rafael Uribe Uribe palace of Culture, a dramatic building that was designed by hungarian architect Agustín goovaerts. The project underwent a number of starts, stops and changes of leadership during its construction between 19, leading to an oddly compromised design that is gothic revival in the front and modernist in the back, a sort of mullet palace. The final stop on the tour was Parque san Antonio, a large public plaza that serves as a stark reminder of Medellíns history. In 1995, a bomb placed under a botero sculpture exploded, killing 23 people. In the aftermath, authorities prepared to remove the damaged sculpture, but Botero himself implored the city not to. Instead, he donated an exact replica, which today stands next to its broken twin as a reminder of the tragedy and an homage to peace in the future. As Pablo was quick to point out, despite a history of tragedies the Spanish conquest, a checkered history of radical paramilitary groups, the drug wars of the 80s the.

Pablo taught us to form a tight circle (a colombian wall) the first time we stopped for a history lesson. He told us that Colombians are very curious, and if we didnt stand shoulder to shoulder wed soon find people pushing into the center of our circle to see what was going. We laughed at this, until 30 seconds later people started trying to push their way into the circle to see what was going. At each stop Pablo catalogued the triumphs and tragedies of Medellín, from the Spanish massacres to the building (and subsequent failure) of the railroad, from politics to the drug cartels and finally medellíns rebirth as a world-class city with an amazing transportation infrastructure. . Along the way he pointed out towering new libraries where squatters camps used to stand, prostitutes loitering in the shadow of the beautiful. Iglesia de la veracruz cathedral, and street vendors selling cups of guarapo, a popular drink of sugarcane juice and lime that looks like radioactive mountain Dew. My favorite place on the tour was. Plaza botero in the heart of downtown. Fernando Botero is a world-famous Medellín artist, known for his paintings and sculptures of people and animals with exaggerated, bulbous dimensions.

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valet parking attendant resume

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Throughout its history, colombia has been a remarkably stable, successful and peaceful country, except for a brief period of turmoil between 14I learned this and many other facts about Colombian history, customs, culture and food during a four hour walking tour of downtown Medellín from real. The company advertises itself as giving the real scoop on the Medellín, and they deliver. Our guide, pablo, was one part storyteller, one part history professor and one part teenage girl madly pouring her heart out on. It added up to a fascinating day of touring. I got to the meeting point at the Alpujarra metro station a few minutes early for the 9:14. Tour start, so i mingled near ten obvious tourists who were too shy to break the ice by saying.

Hey, were a bunch of white people in shorts standing in the foyer of the metro station ya think were all here for the same tour? But no, we all studiously avoided eye contact until Pablo arrived and rounded. Then we made introductions. There were the usual collection of Americans, dutch, australians, Irish, germans and one couple from Hong Kong who call into question my white people joke from the last paragraph. A life-long, paisa (as those from Medellín are known he took us to plazas and parks, palaces and historical buildings. At each he gave us a taste of Colombian history mixed with his own winking editorial comments on the what makes Colombians tick. It was not just a walking tour of the city, but also a walking tour of the.

You could be taking reservations, planning a party, giving a tour, or hosting an event. The hours are flexible, and you can work on an event-basis or a regular schedule. Hotel Concierge, if you have the scoop on the best places to dine and things to do in your community, a part-time job as a concierge at a hotel or resort will enable you to share your advice with guests. Staffing a concierge desk is a good easy job option for someone with people skills. One of the best things about being a house sitter or a caretaker is that you dont actually have to do anything other than make sure the property you are watching is safe and secure.

You may need to arrange repairs, if theres a problem, and perhaps do some routine maintenance. When youre working for the right client, its not much different than hanging out at home. Market Research/Survey caller One of the easiest types of phone calling jobs is conducting surveys or market research. You dont have to try to sell anything. Rather, youre asking questions or collecting information for your employer. Merchandiser Many greeting card, flower, newspaper, and other specialty items in grocery stores, department stores, and pharmacies are stocked by outside vendors.

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There are many employers resume who dont want to commit to adding an employee to the payroll, and freelance job opportunities are plentiful. You can work as much—or as little—as you want. If youre not sure what you could do, browse the job postings. Upwork or, outsourcely to get some ideas. Need help getting started? Heres how to become a freelancer. Guest Services Representative, hotels, clubs, museums, visitor centers, event spaces, childrens activity venues, and other organizations need guest services associates to help things run smoothly.

valet parking attendant resume

Some of these jobs come with great perks, like free or discounted food, auto insurance discounts, roadside assistance, and a flexible schedule. Do you spend a lot of time at the essay gym? Becoming a fitness instructor is a way to get paid for sharing your healthy lifestyle. Depending on your skill set, you could provide individual instruction as a personal trainer or teach group classes. Food/Product Demonstrations, are you a foodie? Do you love to cook? Many grocery stores, product manufacturers, and speciality retailers hire part-time workers to demonstrate recipes and product tastings. If youve got kitchen skills, consider using them to earn some extra money. Freelance work, freelancing is a way to use the skills you have already developed to boost your earnings.

Entry, data entry is another job that can be done either online or on-site. Youll need to be able to type quickly and accurately. For some jobs, youll need specialized skills like a knowledge of legal or medical terminology. Do be aware that there are many online data entry scams, so take care to avoid them. Delivery Driver, do you have a reliable car? Do you like driving? Jobs delivering food, flowers, packages, and anything else that is delivered directly to a customers front door are plentiful.

Review tips for lining up a job measles that fits your needs and your availability. Top 25 Easy part-Time jobs, heres a list of part-time jobs that can be easy for job seekers to get and not too hard to do, while providing a way to boost your earnings. If you have good communication skills, appointment setting could be the job for you. Youll be setting up appointments for salespeople, either in-person or on the phone. You may need to call prospective customers, or you could be following up on leads generated by the company. Brand Ambassador, if youre a friendly people person with enthusiasm, the ability to stand on your feet, and the availability to work flexible hours, including weekends, brand ambassadors communicate, give away samples, and share product benefits with prospective customers. Classroom or Library monitor, whether its in a classroom, library, gym, or on a bus, a monitor is responsible for keeping order and maintaining discipline. The job requirements include strong communication skills, and the ability to work with children. If you like helping people, troubleshooting problems, and solving issues, a job in customer service is worth considering.

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Hero Images/Getty Images, are you looking for an easy part-time job? Whether you want a second job statement thats easier than your first one, are in school and want to earn some extra money while still having time for your studies, or simply want to boost your income with a part-time job that doesnt require too much. Before you start reviewing jobs, remember that easy depends on how good a fit the job. What might be the easiest job ever for you, could be challenging for someone without your expertise. Whats easy for someone else could be a job that you would never want. For example, if youre a people person who loves to talk to anyone and everyone, being a product brand ambassador could be a great fit. If youre an introvert who would rather work quietly on your own, there are other options that would most likely be a better fit for you. Keep that in mind when youre reviewing job options and considering which jobs you could do without working too hard.

valet parking attendant resume
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  1. 2,615, valet Parking Attendant jobs available. Apply to, parking Attendant, attendant and more! Valet attendant resume - baskanidai. Buffet attendant sample resume - shalomhouse.

  2. Write your parking attendant resume in a way that will look and read interesting to excite employers. This sample resume will you show you the way to write. Valet Attendant, responsibilities and Duties. Supervise valet parking lots for all. Create your own professional looking resume for free using our resume.

  3. Valet Parking Attendant Resume. Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. Valet parking attendant job description, including duties, tasks, skills, and responsibilities. Valet Parking Attendant Resume have what it takes to get you an interview? Valet Parking Attendant Resume sample for an outstanding example.

  4. Find the best, valet Parking Attendant resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. Find the best, valet resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Valet Parking Attendant (Ace, parking ) - bellevue, wa;. Amazing, valet Parking Attendant Resume.

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