Have you done your homework

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have you done your homework

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Sure you might squeak by and get a passing grade, but a grade of 55 is pretty far from a grade of 95 on that big exam. Fast forward to the current state where you may have big budgets, stakeholders, and your users in that scenario and you really want to make sure you are scoring 95 or better. Get Talking, first off, you need to park your preconceived notions. The tools you think you are going to use to solve the problem may or may not fit, but until youve done your homework you wont be sure. Start talking to as many people as possible. Engage your user base, send out surveys, collect detailed stakeholder requirements, and consume everything you can then write it all down!

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Your treatment plan is not just limited to the time you spend on the massage table. Take an active part in your health care so that you can be a vital, happy and health-ful individual. Yours in health, Scott Burns, rmt. Far too often we run into clients who mean well but arent exactly sure which steps are the right ones to take in order to go from a raw idea writing to a finished product. Many are under pressure from their bosses to just get it done. Others have had to go through an arduous process of securing budgets and approvals to move ahead and now they need to show progress. When this happens we tend to get pulled in with requests to jump right to high fidelity designs or pick the cms tools without the slightest idea of what actually needs to be built and delivered. So whata we do? In situations like this we like to go back to the basics. Just like in grade school, if book you didnt bother to do your homework, research, or understand the basics, there was no way you were going to pass the final exam with flying colors.

As a registered Massage Therapist, i work to consider the entire being. I consider the condition that is presented. I consider the individuals health, fitness, lifestyle, and occupation before i make recommendations on how to treat them and prescribe self-care. And no one ever said it would be easy. Although, it often is quite simple and just requires some consistent effort. And I cant think of a better reason for the working hard, if not for your health! So, give yourself a chance for success! Give the treatment plan a chance. And please remember to do your homework.

have you done your homework

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And some dont come back for quite a while (and sometimes ever again) stating that massage didnt work for them. But truthfully, do you think they gave themselves a fair chance? It probably didnt take those clients one day to develop their current state (unbalanced, injured, in-pain so how can they expect it to take just one treatment to help them to correct their condition? The idea of one and done is almost always a bad one. Unfortunately we live in an instant gratification society. People want instant results and this is usually not realistic. Sure, you can take a pill to ease your pain but youve only just addressed the symptoms not the root cause (thats another blog post right there).

Why do we have homework?

have you done your homework

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So as part of my treatments I prescribe self-care. Self-care is the homework i give to my clients to help them to heal faster, and synthesis achieve a state of balance and wellness quicker. Depending on the reason for your visit for massage therapy, i may explain and prescribe certain activities that I would like you to perform between treatments. These are designed especially for you to help you heal and get back on the road to wellness and balance. These may be stretches, or strengthening exercises, perhaps applying ice or heat and even self massage.

I may suggest ergonomic changes to your workstation, point out postural issues and I may even refer you to the care of another therapist, chiropractor or other healthcare professional if I feel it is warranted and in your best interest to help you heal and. There are many options and approaches to healing. It is well known amongst my practitioner colleagues that the clients who do their homework and thus take an active part in their own healthcare, heal faster and return to normal function more often and usually faster than those who dont. I have heard about clients who go for one or maybe two treatments, and dont follow their self-care instructions. They usually dont recover from their condition as quickly.

He knows how many strands of hair is on your head; wouldnt he know the right companion for you? Okay then, why arent you going to the source, the Creator, when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex? What really frustrates me, is seeing good people in a relationship with the wrong person. Believe me, you will be tested. No man can serve two masters. God will have no other gods before him.

He has a purpose for your life and he will not allow anything or anyone to get in the way. Thus he will remove the hindrances out of your way; for your good and for His glory. So if you are single and looking for a long term, serious relationship, please save yourself a lot of unnecessary grief, and look deep before you your homework! Fleming, copyright 11/09, advertisements. Did you do your homework? I bet youre wondering why you are hearing a registered Massage Therapist utter such words. As a health care professional, i believe that part of my responsibility is education. Part of my role as an educator is to explain ways to help my clients improve/heal/get better.

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The sad thing is we writers take more time shopping for our outfits than we do finding out who we are hooking up with. We spend hours looking for the right shoe to match our dress and handbag, or spend hours buying a new car or selecting a course in school or a career, but we wont invest the time or energy to finding out who we are letting. Our bodies personal are the temple of the holy Ghost so why are you mixing darkness with light, the devil with the lord. In this life you can get schooled (played) or be schooled (smart the choice is up to you. Everybody wants to be loved and for the most part I believe there is someone out there for everyone. The fact is we dont use the right tools to find them (the word). Are we a good judge of character? We may not be, but God.

have you done your homework

We dont care about the substance of a human being, just the outward appearance. We only care about how they make you analysis feel at that time (lust and what they can do for you (selfish). Some fall into another category, they know the person is wrong for them but for some reason they think love can change him or her into this wonderful personNOT! If you are a believer you should know better. You couldnt even change yourself. If someone shows you who they are up front that is who they are, period. Only god can do the changing.

even work in a pie factory let alone treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Then you have these really hardworking, loving, gentle, faithful men who fall for these women who are lazy, gold digging, mean, etc. Everyone is buying love. What is up with that? I mean the list can go on and on with both of these scenarios. Tell me what grade of person do you want, an a, b or C? Again my theory is no one is doing their homework and when you dont do your homework you end up with a big fat zero.

Have you done your homework? Okay, i know youre saying to yourselves where is she going with this? For those of you who know me by now, you know what Im talking about. Before you get serious or get your heart all invested in another person, have you found out everything there is to know all about them? Did you ask all the necessary questions, meet the family to see if they are sane or have a history of abuse, or drug usage, etc? Did you run a background check? Have your friends and family checked the person out? Did you search the internet or hire a detective?

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Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. When I studential was in school I didnt like doing homework, but i knew it had to be done because if I didnt I would get a bad grade. Sometimes I would study and study for a test and still fail. I guess I just didnt understand the material. When my kids were in school I would do whatever I could to help them do well. I would buy their supplies, get them a tutor, make them stay to any afterschool program offering help, get them encyclopedias, computers, you name. I would ask them if they had any homework, when they completed it, i would check. If they didnt do it, they would suffer the consequences. Ladies and gentleman my question to you.

have you done your homework
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B: But the show will be over. Ladies and gentleman my question to you.

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  1. A: have you done your homework? A: Then why are you watching TV? B: This is my favorite show. A: go do your homework. A: you can watch tv after you do your homework.

  2. Have you done your homework? If you want to make a solid first impression you need to do your homework. Its not unlike preparing for an interview or a (really hot) first date. Do you have a minute, to achieve your own goals? February 28, :50.

  3. But you should only automate what you have fully understood. Keith mentioned a nice example. Only after this step, you will be able to design a new, lean process. It automation cant enable business agility. But lean business processes can.

  4. Have you done your Homework? Checking up on people isnt fun. It shouldnt be necessary, and mostly it should be a completely voluntary thing. Do your homework — c'est une stimulation, même un impératif; pourqu'on ferait ses courses., explained by elise98 on, - 19:55. Do you still have a place to sleep?

  5. Did you do your homework? I have heard about clients who go for one or maybe two treatments, and dont follow their self-care instructions. They usually dont recover from their condition as quickly. Performing at home gigs.

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